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Terms And Conditions

A paper reservation form must be completed and signed by the party leader herafter known as "The Client". The Client must be a minimum of 21 years of age on the date of submission of the reservation form.

An electronic (online) submission of the reservation form can be used as substitute for the paper reservation form.

Signing of the paper or submission of the electronic reservation forms shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of all terms, conditions, reservation and payment procedures. The signing or submision shall be a warranty by the person so doing that they have authority to act on behalf of all persons named on the booking form, including any substitutions or additions by any subsequent agreed amendments to the reservation.

The terms, conditions and procedures shall apply to all forms of reservation without exception, even in the event that a reservation form is not completed or submitted by a client or has not been received by the owners of the property, or their servants or agents. For example, in the event of a late booking requested by telephone or verbally that necessitates immediate commitment.


The application for the booking constitutes an acceptance of all these terms and conditions by the client and all members of the party. This acceptance becomes a legally binding contract between the client and the owners of Onlyyou Florida Villa herafter referred to as "Onlyyou Florida Villa"

The home is let on an "as is, self-catering" basis. Any rental payment made to the Owner is deemed a bond that allows exclusive permission to use the home only. All Services, including management services, use of equipment, facilities and extras are provided by, and at the discretion of the Owner, or their management team, free of charge. Facilities and inventory may be added to, or removed without notice. The Client should note that all items of inventory - for example towels, linen, cutlery and crockery are provided compliments of the owner for the convenience of guests. Such items are not provided as an entitlement.


To secure the booking, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total rental is payable immediately. The requested dates shall remain unblocked until the deposit is received and cleared.

The balance will be due 12 weeks prior to arrival at Onlyyou Florida Villa. If the balance is not paid on the due date, Onlyyou Florida Villa reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled, with the forfeit of any deposit so far paid.

A security deposit of 275 / $400 will be taken either in cash or by credit card swipe as safeguard against damage to the property. The security deposit will be returned no more than 21 days following departure from the property, pending a satisfactory inspection by the local Management Company confirming that no damage has been caused.


The Client may cancel the reservation at any time, providing that that the cancellation is made by the Client (Lead Guest) and is communicated in writing on paper with proof of postage via recorded delivery. Cancellation will not be accepted by verbal or electronic means. The following cancellation charges shall apply:

Period before departure from date of written Notice Amount of Cancellation Charge
120+ days Deposit Only
91+ days 50% of Total rental cost
90 days or less 100% of Total rental cost

Alteration of booking dates

If, after confirmation has been issued, an alteration is required to the dates of travel, Onlyyou Florida Villa shall endeavour to assist, but no guarantee can be made that alternative dates shall be available. In the event that it is not possible to rearrange the booking, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled, and the above charges shall apply. Should rearranged dates be available when the client gives notice within the schedule detailed above, the charges shall also apply.


In the unlikely event of complaint during the stay, it is essential that immediate contact be made with the local property management company. Should the subsequent course of action be deemed by the Client to have not completely dealt with all issues, a formal letter should be addressed directly to the management company. A copy of this letter must be sent to the owners of Onlyyou Florida Villa by recorded delivery no more than seven days after departure from Onlyyou Florida Villa.

Prior to arrival, the home will be cleaned and inspected to ensure that serviceability is acceptable. Although the property receives the highest level of maintenance, no guarantee can be made that the house shall remain 100% serviceable throughout the stay. Onlyyou Florida Villa is a working family home, and occasionally white goods, heating/air conditioning, swimming pool equipment, plumbing and other household items break down. All facilities are provided compliments of the owner, and no refunds will be issued should any item of equipment become unservicable, or be found to be soiled or damaged upon arrival. Guests use items of inventory entirely at their own risk. If break-downs do occur, please notify the Management Company immediately. Once notified of any required repairs, the management company will do their utmost to carry out any necessary work with as little disruption as possible. It is a stipulation of the contract that any necessary authorised service staff shall be allowed entry at all reasonable times, whether the guest is, or is not present.

The Management Company and Onlyyou Florida Villa accept no responsibility or liability for failure of any equipment in the property. No liability will be accepted as a consequence of any loss or injury sustained through use of inventory or equipment. Should failure or damage to equipment have been caused by the Client, payment will be taken from the security deposit to cover the cost of repair

Guests are respectfully reminded that Onlyyou Florida Villa is a private family home. The home and its contents should be treated with the utmost of respect. Breakages should be reported as a matter of courtesy.

It is recommended that the Client inspect the premises upon arrival to ensure that they are in order. Should the Client find any defective equipment or damage, please notify the Management Company immediately. Should damage be subsequently found, of which the Management Company have not been made aware, the Client may be charged for breakages or replacements.

The property will be thoroughly examined by the management company on departure. If not left in a suitable condition, it may be necessary to charge to cover extra cleaning, repairs or replacements.


Highlands Reserve is a peaceful, high-class Community with strict rules of conduct that can be legally enforced. Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with by the relevant local Law Enforcement services. It is against the law to make excessive noise after 10pm. Guests are also reminded that abusive or unreasonable behaviour towards other residents or Highlands Reserve / Management Company Staff is unacceptable. In certain cases and at the discretion of the Management Company, behaviour can be deemed unacceptable to the extent that a party may be asked to leave, with the forfeit of all monies and security deposit paid.


The accommodation is provided solely for the use of the Client and Guests named on the booking form, or as amended by agreement with Onlyyou Florida Villa in writing. Subletting and/or reassignment is strictly prohibited. The management or Onlyyou Florida Villa reserve the right to cancel or curtail the reservation and evict the whole party with immediate effect, with loss of all monies and deposits so far paid, should it be found that occupancy does not correlate with the (maximum of 8) guests listed upon the booking form.

Check in time is no earlier than 16.00 hours local time on the day of arrival, unless agreed prior. An early check-in fee may apply should guests require earlier access. No guarantee can be made that early check-in will be available, as sufficient time has to be allowed for staff to undertake cleaning and maintenance in the event of a back-to-back turnaround.

Check out time is 10.00 hours local time on the day of departure. Should a later departure time be required, a fee may be charged in resort only if late check-out is available.

The property is a very busy rental and, in the case of back-to-back bookings, the management team will endeavour to accommodate departures as comfortably as possible. As a courtesy to the next Guests, who may have had an extremely long and arduous journey, and in order to allow the high standard of preparation that all Guests enjoy, the understanding of the Client would be very much appreciated.

The whole of the villa is designated as NO SMOKING for safety and comfort.


It is the responsibility of the Client to arrange appropriate travel insurance for all party members to cover illness or personal injury. It is also recommended that insurance be in place to cover loss of deposit or other payments in the event that a guest is unable to travel for whatever reason.

No reductions or credit notes will be given under circumstances arising from "Force Majeure" i.e. war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, accident, natural or nuclear disaster, pandemic, fire, airline failure, closure of airports and adverse weather conditions or any other event, situation or incident outside of our control. The owners will not be responsible for any losses, consequences, injuries, cancellation or curtailment due to the effects of severe or adverse weather for example storm or flood. It is the Client's responsibility to check that they have adequate cover for all circumstances.

In view of the Covid-19 situation, it is the client's responsibility to to be aware of, and subsequently observe any quarantine, distancing, or other restrictions and regulations - whether temporary or not - that are issued by the Florida / Polk County authorities, or the client's home State/Country. Onlyyou Florida Villa, cannot accept liability for any loss, illness, injuries or other consequences sustained as a result of travel, or non-compliance with guidelines or regulations, or any suspension of local services or facilities.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system is pre-programmed for optimum comfort, and has automatic temperature adjustment, depending upon the time of day. A thermostat allows temperature adjustment to cater for individual preference during each period. It is very important that doors and windows are not left open at any time of day, otherwise damage may occur to the system. Damage can also occur should the system be run consistently at excessive low (below 74 degrees F) or high (above 80 degrees F) temperatures. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the air conditioning system is not abused by tampering with the thermostat. It is also the client's responsibility to ensure that the air conditioning system is not left running should the house be left unoccupied for any length of time. The Client will be charged should it be found that an unreasonable or excessive amount of energy has been used.

Swimming Pool

All members of the party use the Pool/Spa/Sun-deck areas entirely at their own risk. Please obey the Pool/Spa rules, and remember at all times that the swimming pool is private with no life guard.

Please note that the area around the pool and the tiled interior areas of the property can become very slippery when wet. No responsibility can be accepted for injuries sustained both in or out of the pool area. Items such as clothes, toys or inflatables must not be left in the pool or spa.

The swiming pool and deck are enclosed within a screened structure to prevent bugs, insects, and other wildlife from entering the area. Please note that the screened, covered area is provided as a courtesy for the comfort of guests, and is not an entitlement. Due to local weather conditions, it is impossible to guarantee that the mesh structure shall remain intact at all times. The home is located in an area that endures a tropical climate, and absolutely no guarantee can be made that insects and bugs will not enter the swimming pool deck area or occasionally, the home. As a courtesy, the home and outside areas are regularly treated for pests and insects, although it is impossible to completely eliminate bugs, should it become apparent that a specific, abnormal insect problem is building, guests should notify the management company as soon as possible. No liability will be accepted for injuries aquired or losses sustained as a result of contact with animals, bugs or insects.

Should pool heat have been ordered and paid for, the maximum permitted temperature is pre-set to 88 degrees Farenheit (pool) and 96 degrees farenheit (spa) Under no circumstances must the pool heater be tampered with. Should it become evident that this has been the case, the Client will forfeit their entire security deposit and may be asked to leave without refund.

No guarantee can be made that the swimming pool will reach temperature, especially for the duration of the colder Winter months. No refunds will be given in such circumstances. A thermal blanket is provided to assist with pool heating. It is essential, and a condition of opting for the swimming pool to be heated, that the thermal blanket is used from October to April. The swimming pool controls are remotely monitored daily. Should it be found that adequate care and steps have not been taken to ensure that the thermal blanket is used - for example overnight, or when leaving the property vacant by visiting attractions for the day - the party will be charged a fixed daily charge in addition to any swimming pool heat charges already paid. The additional charge will be deductible from the security deposit.

Rental payments made in lieu of swimming pool heat, are for use, maintenance, upkeep, and necessary replacement of the pool heating system only. Swimming pool heat payments fall under the refund, and cancellation policy outlined above. The consumable portion of swimming pool heat is provided free of charge.

There is a pool safety fence. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that it stays in place for the safety of children.

The swimming pool is cleaned and chemically balanced every week for the safety and comfort of guests. On rare occasions (for example during very hot or wet weather) it may be necessary to apply extra chemicals. Should this occur, the Client will be advised that it may be necessary to refrain from using the pool for 12-24 hours.

Do not allow unsupervised children to use the pool or spa.


The home has a full alarm system that guests are advised to use - details of operation are included in the check in procedure. As an added measure, the home is also equipped with external CCTV surveilance cameras. These cameras are installed for the security of the Client, and to protect the investment of the Owner. It is a condition of reservation that the Client accepts that the system must be operational for the duration of their stay. Under no circumstances should guests tamper with CCTV equipment. Doing so will lead to full loss of security deposit. A camera exists overlooking the rear entrance to the swimming pool deck and equipment. In order to obtain a clear view of the rear swimming pool cage doorway, the necessary location of this camera also views a small portion of the edge of the swimming pool deck. It is entirely possible to sunbathe and use the swimming pool deck out of view of this camera, however as a courtesy to guests - although Onlyyou Florida Villa advises against doing so - the option to disable the device for the duration of the stay is offered between the hours of 8am and 7pm. If this is required, please indicate ASAP.

Liability Limitations

Please note that no responsibility is accepted for any loss of personal items while staying in the property or after departure

The owners will not be liable for any loss or injuries resulting from use of the villa, swimming pool, games room or any part of the property howsoever caused. All guests must follow the posted rules and Federal notices of safety.

I have Read and agree with the Terms & Conditions